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We love telling stories and solving problems. We can support you and your growing business from the start all the way through the growth of your business.

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Chris & Kieron are hospitality addicts

They have spent a combined 40 years in the industry across all sectors and have held positions from KP to board member.

We love working with new brands to help shape their future & we will always treat your brand as if it was our own.

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Chris Fletcher

Chris has been in the industry all his life, working cross-sector Chris has held directorships & board level positions. He has worked with some of the biggest brands on the planet running operations & managing teams.

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Kieron Bailey

Kieron Bailey

Kieron has been spreading the gospel of leadership throughout his career that has spanned some of the biggest brands out there, training, coaching, or just saying it how it is. Kieron loves to enact change.

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Learning & Development

customer experience training

Individually we have been delivering training for the past 20 years through our roles as leaders in the industry across multiple sectors and brands. In 2018 we joined forces to create EXP101 and began delivering both personalised coaching sessions & group training around topics that we are passionate about.

We don’t just sell training courses, our courses are based around personal experiences and learnings from some of the best in the industry. Not every great leader has written a book nor should they have to be recognised as a great coach or leader.

We are delighted to be able to offer both online & in-person sessions. We also write customer service programmes as well as deliver them, so if you are looking for a change of direction and want to reconnect with your organisation we can help.

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Content creation

videos, podcasts & events to connect you to your customer

We create edit & host content for all sectors within the industry. We have worked for both industry giants & independents. If you need to connect with your chosen demographic we can help through all media channels so if you can dream it we can create it.

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Video hosting & creation
Podcast hosting & creation
Online events & in person events
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"EXP101 are serious innovators in their ability and delivery of training and advisory services, they know what it takes to grow businesses and lead people successfully. They now take it to the next level."
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Marcus Weedon
MIlestone recruitment

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If you can dream it we can create it

We decided very early on that EXP101 would always stand out from the crowd, that’s not just us trying to be clever with our words. We mean it! It is so important to always try and change things and challenge the norm, the industry has to appeal to a totally new demographic and we can help… time for a change.

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