Saskia Boissevain

£50.00 +VAT

Saskia Boissevain

Meet Saskia, an approachable, friendly and forward thinking marketing expert at EXP101!


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How does it work?

  • First hour at £50 
  • After first-hour, hourly rate will be agreed between buyer and coach
  • The meeting will be held over zoom, as soon as you purchase time a link will be sent to you to book your schedule.

Marketing Expert

I chose to work in marketing because I love telling stories of brilliant brands, engaging with the customer and more importantly, getting to know a business in order to understand what makes them stand out from the crowd. I believe in making an impact, adding value, and thinking strategically, whilst always keeping the customer and basic human emotions at the forefront of every campaign and decision!

I’m not someone who will sit on the fence but will get stuck in with every aspect or a project and understand what the specific needs of a business are.

I have worked in marketing for the past 8 years and can add value to your business through social media marketing, written copy & strategic marketing. Whether businesses need support in developing buyer personas and honing in on specific target markets or helping to deliver consistent messaging and promotional content.

With an entrepreneurial background and personal love for start-ups and small businesses, I can bring organisation and planning to your marketing in a non-jargon, friendly and fun way!

Why buy time with Saskia?

  • General Marketing Advice
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Newsletter Campaigns
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Planning
  • Content Creation
  • Help working out and telling your story
  • Developing Buyer Personas


You can buy years of experience for just £50 for the first hour of advice with Saskia.

If you’d like more time with Saskia then you can agree a price once your first hour is complete, based on your own individual business needs.


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