Marketing Plan Template

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Marketing Plan

Get organised and consistent with your marketing and use our straight forward plan.


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Why do you need a Marketing Plan?

Having a Marketing Plan for your business gives structure to everything you do.
It keeps a business, no matter the size, organised and focused and lends itself to supporting so much more than just the marketing.

It is important for sales, operations, product development and measuring your businesses success by identifying the metrics you can use to track the return of your investment.

It gives you the focus to target your ideal customer in a smarter way and as a result, reduces the costs of your marketing and increases your sales.

By having a plan and a strategy you are avoiding a scattergun approach.

With a plan, there is a strong knowledge and comfort that all posts, promotions, events and activities that make up your marketing are positively feeding into one clear direction.

The more time and detail you give to your Marketing Plan the more targeted your focus will become.

This plan is perfect for those looking to provide some consistency to any marketing and can help develop and build on any ideas you may have.

This plan will help you:

  • Give focus to your marketing efforts
  • Build on any ideas or make you think of things you may not have considered
  • Plan and identify your resources effectively
  • Highlight your performing marketing channels
  • Give consistency to your marketing
  • Provides clarity

If you would like further support with your marketing or someone to talk you through making the most of your plan, Saskia is available on an hourly basis for one-on-one support.

You can book in time with Saskia here. 


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