Kieron Bailey

£50.00 +VAT

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Kieron Bailey

Meet Kieron, experienced hospitality expert and leadership mentor!


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How does it work?

  • First hour at £50 
  • After first-hour, hourly rate will be agreed between buyer and coach
  • The meeting will be held over zoom you will receive a link to book your first session.

Coaching & Leadership Expert

I love hospitality, that’s always my starting point.

I proudly work across sectors sharing the skills that life as an operator taught me, through venues, bars, coffee shops, restaurants, and food halls I evolved & will help your business & team do the same.

I believe that guest experience is a transferable skill, irrelevant of industry or the customers you have, we all want to ensure they have the best experience possible because you are on the front line only because you care about others happiness as much as you do your own, the 2 things are inextricably linked.

So I facilitate learning across the industry, whether that be face to face in small groups, on a stage in an auditorium speaking to your entire business, or indeed in this online world through webinars, the objective is always the same, to ensure that as you have lent me your time, I will add value to your mind.

The key to the success of any business is an engaged team, sharing ivory tower strategies & believing that they will be successful is NOT.

Why buy time with Kieron?

Advice and support with…

  • Leadership
  • Strategy
  • Building Brilliant Teams
  • Training Teams
  • Operations
  • Finance
  • Marketing


You can buy 25 years of experience for just £50 for the first hour of advice with Kieron.

If you’d like more time with Kieron, then you can agree on a price once your first hour is complete, based on your own individual business needs.

2 reviews for Kieron Bailey

  1. Anderson H

    Kieron is extremely knowledgeable and intelligent about the restaurant business.
    He is able to switch between a strategic business angle and a pragmatic on-the-ground implementation perspective with ease. He is able to quickly grasp business models and provides expert advice on them. Plus, he has wisdom built up from someone who has earned their stripes from the ground up. He knows the sector therefore both from a practical hands-on point of view and from a general management perspective.

  2. Edward H

    Kieron helped launch Griddle & Shake as a brand on the UK high street. From an idea in my head to an amazing business with brilliant staff, fabulous food and string values. Kieron helped shape the vision, took real ownership of recruitment, training, development and ongoing operations to help G&S be a leader in the fast-casual restaurant market. He is professional, highly competent and effective in all he undertakes. He will make your business and your team stronger and better.

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