EXP101 Goal Setting Course

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Goal Setting Course

The ability to set goals and work towards achieving them is a huge component of success. Join us every Tuesday to Improve your goal setting.


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  • On-line course
  • Every Tuesday at 11 am.
  • 2 hours long.
  • Purchase place on the course and we will email you a link to book your chosen date.


The ability to set goals and work towards achieving them is a huge component of success. Whether you are a Team Leader, Manager, or Senior Executive, learning the methodology of successful goal setting will enable you to set clear and realistic objectives for both yourself and your team. By working to a well thought out and structured plan you can align your team around a common vision, inspire motivation and push yourself to achieve more. And by incorporating efficient time management practices, you can increase productivity throughout your entire organisation.

Do you often find yourself rushing at the last minute to meet deadlines? Or feeling like your team is working hard but not quite achieving their goals? The ability to look ahead and plan out your high-level strategy while at the same time also dividing large goals into small tasks, will cure procrastination and deliver large-scale changes within a relatively short time. Utilising effective goal-setting techniques will enable you to achieve all of these aims and improve your overall experience while doing so.

This EXP101 training course will help you change the way you view your to-do list and encourage you to focus on both short and long-term goal setting as an important function of your role.You will learn how to use goal-setting to achieve extraordinary results, and you will come away with practical examples of how to implement best practice goal setting within your teams and the wider organisation.


By taking part in this course, you will be able to enjoy the following benefits :

  • Improved time management and goal setting skills
  • Learn & understand the use of the OGSM
  • Curing procrastination and productivity inefficiencies
  • Feeling more fulfilled with your work as you progress towards success milestones
  • A greater understanding of how your role ties into the larger company vision
  • Increased engagement from your team, leading to a more fulfilling work environment
  • Continued personal development within your role
  • Improvement in delegation skills, task setting and organisational strategies


This course is ideally aimed at anyone within a middle management or management function, who is involved in setting goals for their team. This course could also be of benefit to the following people.

  • Team Leaders
  • Department Heads
  • Supervisors
  • Senior employees looking for improvements in their own productivity
  • Founders and entrepreneurs looking to boost their small business
  • Professionals looking to advance their careers


2 reviews for EXP101 Goal Setting Course

  1. Steve L

    Really good session today, I now have my objective and have some really clear direction of what I need to do next. I own a small bakery and plan to continue my online presence. Chris helped me reset my goals and make a new plan. Thank you!

  2. Simon

    Great fun & I learned a lot.

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