EXP101 “Mentor Me” Course

£195.00 +VAT

Mentor Course

Learn how to become a brilliant mentor with this great online course.


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Course Overview

  • Zoom course
  • Every Friday
  • 2 hours long
  • Purchase place on the course and we will email you a link to book your chosen date.


What do Steve Jobs and Sir Richard Branson have in common? They have all had some support from mentors. No matter who you are, where you’ve come from, or what you have achieved, a good mentor is an invaluable asset in business. The key is in finding a good mentor, someone not only with the wisdom and experience, but also an understanding of what mentoring is and is not about and a toolkit of techniques to ensure the conversations are meaningful.

With mentoring in its broadest context, the Mentee uses a Mentor as a sounding board for guidance on how best optimise their and long-term career goals. Competent mentors listen and can empathise. Whilst they may use the skills of Coach and Counsellor, they are assertive, positive role models and, as they have no direct responsibility for the trainee, they can offer unbiased advice.

EXP101 “Mentor Me” course is suitable for first-time Mentors, or those with more experience, who want to further their skill base and then practice key mentoring skills as well as develop their own unique mentoring style.

Typical learning outcomes

  • Explain the difference between coaching and mentoring
  • Understand how to establish and build a productive mentoring relationship
  • Describe a mentoring contract
  • Understand how to structure a mentoring session
  • Develop enhanced facilitation, coaching, counseling and feedback skills
  • Adopt tools for overcoming obstacles to successful mentoring arising from personal, team and organisational issues
  • Practice the skills of effective mentoring
  • Develop a personal action plan


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