Live Event: 26/1/22 12.30-4.30pm

Managing Wellness in the workplace

Hukcletree Shoreditch, Alphabeta Building, 18 Finsbury Square, London EC2A 1AH



The team behind EXP101 is excited to curate this event on wellness, forget new year new you, and focus on your favourite version of yourself, this event is designed to help you do that. We are really happy to bring some of the leading minds in the wellness space together to share actionable ideas and strategies with you and your teams. We are adding more amazing speakers to the day and they will be announced going forward. We will have coffee and cake and great conversation. Get on board.
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My relationship with food

Verity Foss is the co-owner of the Oowee group, the group has a total of 5 stores and 3 delivery kitchens with 2 more bricks and mortar stores opening this year, Oowee first opened its doors in 2016.

Whilst Verity has a great relationship with food in her professional career, she has been challenged, like many of us, with her personal relationship with food. Verity has never spoken publicly about her decision to tackle her own physical & mental health so this is a unique opportunity to listen live to the Bristol Entrepreneur journey from moving from 14.2 stone to 8.5 stone and the mental impact it has had on her and her business.  

Verity Foss

Co Owner Oowee Group

Oowee Group


Introduction to mindfulness

Mindfulness is something we all need to focus on after the last few years we have been through. The team behind join us to share some practical exercises to focus our minds and relax. Life Coach Andrew Johnson will lead us through a mindfulness exercise to start the day ensuring we are all present and open to making great choices for ourselves and our teams.

“You are not your thoughts.” Andrew Johnson

Andrew will then be joined by the Founder of, Craig Prentice. Together they will share their own personal journeys, their approach to wellbeing, and the tools they use to help manage their own mindsets.

“Up until a few years ago, the words ‘mental health’ meant very little to me — buzz words, often used negatively with some kind of stigma.” Craig Prentice 

Craig Prentice


Silencing your inner critic

Raf Baron the Feedback Coach is joining us to share a session around one of the biggest challenges that we all face, our inner critic, how do we face up to that, and more importantly, how do we silence it?

Raf Baron

The Feedback coach

H2H coaching


Take a break

Take 15 minutes to re energize & connect to some awesome people


Secs- Sleep, eat, connect & sweat

Patrick Howley Founder of So Let’s Talk the Manchester Based not for profit platform who are working to 86 the silence around mental health matters in hospitality teams across the country.
Patrick will share an intro to the SECS (Sleep Eat Connect Sleep) session that has been so effective for so many in the industry and will be for you.
Patrick Howley


So Let's Talk


walking the talk – a brands point of view

Our industry is infamously known for long hours and can be both physically & emotionally draining, but things must change. This panel brings together three different views from some of the most exciting & forward thinking operators. We will discuss the welfare of our teams and also discuss the reality of how mental health & wellness is being addressed in our industry. We have brought together a triangulated view from People, Operations and Learning & Development

Hayley Cummings is Head Of People at Pizza Pilgrims. Pizza Pilgrims serves slow proved Neapolitan pizza in both our own pizzerias and at events across the uk. All of our dough is made fresh daily and we source the best ingredients Italy has to offer in order to bring you the best possible pizza base going. As any Neapolitan will tell you – its all about the crust.

Holly Jack is the Operations Director at Social Pantry. Social Pantry is a stylish catering company specialising in events & contract catering with sites across London including two south London cafes . What makes Social Pantry unique is the combination of the passion, stunning menus and undivided attention to detail.

Liam Wood is Head of Learning & Development at The New World Trading Company. The New World Trading Company boasts some of the best brands on the high street including The Oast House, The Botanist, The Club House, The Canal House, The Smugglers Cove, The Trading House, The Florist and soon to be The Furnace.


Liam Wood

Head Of Learning & Development

New World Trading Company

Holly Jack

Operations Director

Social Pantry

Hayley Cummings

Head Of People

Pizza Pilgrims

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Chris & Kieron made EXP101 for real people who work in the hospitality industry.

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