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14/7/21: Creating a sustainable future together



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Why should I attend?

  • Learn how a people-focused strategy married with technology can build a more sustainable & authentic EX for all of our teams & support recruitment into the industry for the next generation.
  • Tackling both our Chefs’ well-being & supporting the next generation of workers in our industry is vital. Managing both mental health & improving the odds for young people are the focus for this event.
  • Hear how delivery will carry on innovating and where profit & control of the user experience can be managed in one place.
  • Hear from the next generation of entrepreneurs who are proving that an ethical & sustainable approach can be successful & how eCommerce will drive our industry & economy forward.
Want to attend?

10:30 - 11:15am

Creating A 21st Century People Solution

Future-proofing our industry is key, we bring together a panel of experts who are at the forefront of challenging the way we recruit & retain our people.

Learn how a people-focused strategy married with technology can build a more sustainable & authentic employee experience for all of our teams & support recruitment into the industry for the next generation

Jon Reed

Managing Director

Paddy & Scotts

Katrina Coen
Karina Coen

Hospitality Managing Director


11:30 - 12.00pm

Removing the Stigma around Mental Health in The Hospitality Industry

Kris joins us to talk about the mental health and wellbeing of our teams and how important it is that we put real energy into it rather than paying it lipservice.

12:05 - 12:45Pm

Sustainable Hospitality Design

Object Space Place is an interior architecture and design company with a focus on hospitality and a pioneering approach to sustainability.

David and his team are on a mission to develop genuinely restorative restaurants; ones that deliver on your brand’s promise whilst seeking to set a new benchmark in sustainable design. It is not the easiest path but is one we are excited to be committed to.

David will share some top tips on how you can approach restorative design and be able to reuse materials and property as your brand evolves ..and not damage the planet in doing so!

13:45 - 14:15Pm

Building a Sustainable business

Grace is an entrepreneur and food writer with an interest in using business as a force for good. After being named one of the UK’s best young entrepreneurs in 2015, she won a place on a top Silicon Valley accelerator and moved to California, where she became vegan. Disillusioned by the tech world and keen to make her dream of opening a curry house a reality, she moved back to London and started SpiceBox from her home kitchen. She opened the first SpiceBox curry house in Walthamstow in Jan 2019. The plan is to build the UK’s leading curry house brand, bringing a vibrant sustainable dining option to high streets up and down the country.

Grace will share her mission on how to help build a healthier future for the planet and its population through her fresh, modern spin on the great British curry house.


Grace Regan

Owner & Author


14:20 - 15:15PM

Driving revenue & finding new customers

As the industry reopens the challenge of driving revenue and operating in new markets is more apparent than ever. We bring together a panel of experts across Delivery, eCommerce, Operations & insight to discuss the future of at-home dining & in-store delivery. The opportunity to grow your business across new markets & reach new customers has never been greater and is vital to surviving in the industry in 2021.

We'd love you to join us

Chris & Kieron made EXP101 for real people who work in the hospitality industry.

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