Live Event: 14/09/21 @ 10:00am

A view to 2022: Hospitality Moving Forward

Tanner Warehouse, 50 Bermondsey St, London SE1 3UD
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Why should I attend?

  • Learn how story telling for your brand can impact both your people & your profit. Its not the the story you are telling its the one already in their heads.
  • Tackling diversity seems to have become a buzz word in the industry but what can we actually do to improve acceptance across race & gender in 2022.
  • Learn how the digital customer experience can be managed to draw in a new set of customers. Marketing this new channel is a new way of thinking & a brand new revenue channel.
  • Find out what the employee wants in 2022? Holiday is NOT a benefit ! So what are the big ticket items that this new generation wants to work and stay in our industry, we hear direct from the high street from 4 brands working hard to make a difference to their teams.
  • Finally sit back and listen to one of the great stories of lock down. A new company born out of teamwork, desire and most of all an honest approach to business. Grab a beer for this one , it will be fun!
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The day will start with the fantastic Pioneers as Matt Grimshaw discusses how to use storytelling to stand out as an authentic employer brand. Matt will cover all aspects Why storytelling matters . Matt will explain what do we mean by a company narrative and a framework for creating your own narrative? Why it’s not about the story you tell, it’s about the story already in people’s heads? How to connect with candidates: Creating a narrative persona, Crafting a candidate journey, The different types of stories you can tell , A/B testing the moments that matter and optimising the candidate experience.

Matt Grimshaw - Pioneers
Matt Grimshaw


Your culture should be a source of competitive advantage helping you to attract, engage and retain the best talent If you ignore your culture, don't be surprised when you start to lose your people, customers and investors We help companies engineer their people operating system to create…

The Pioneers


creating & managing the digital customer journey

Next up we discuss what does the digital customer journey looks like in 2022? With both eCommerce and delivery on the rise have you managed to navigate this new revenue channel? This panel is full of experts in the digital marketing space.

Frances Dore

Global Brand & Marketing Director

Lore Group


coffee break 

Grab a 15 min break to recharge for a jam packed afternoon session.


diversity: it’s not just a trend

Diversity in the workplace isn’t just a trend. There are some huge challenges that business is turning away from and we want to ask the questions that nobody else does! Join us and this diverse set of individuals as we tackle how diversity as a whole will be moving forward in 2022.


Rebuilding your labour model to retain your team 

Karina Coen

Hospitality Managing Director

Stint is a new way to look at hospitality staffing. It’s a method that has been proven to help businesses work smarter and save money.




Lunch will be provided by Camm & Hooper at 12.45 & if the last event is anything to go by we will be at front of the queue!

 If you have any special dietary requirements please drop an email to [email protected]


The appliance of behavioural science

Bob will join us to share stories and lessons learnt throughout his career both with the City of London Police and working within the private and public sectors.

The thing about Bob is, despite being an internationally renowned expert in body language and non-verbal communication, he is one of the most self effacing men you will meet, but his influencing skills are not to be misjudged. Bob joins us to share some of those influencing skills with you. In his most recent work he has concentrated on designing practical approaches to the employee lifecycle which create the climate for profitability and security and we are lucky that he will share those ideas and skills with us.

Some folks will look at what he does as witch craft, but it is science, behavioural science at it’s best.

Bob Pointer

Bob Pointer is a coaching and educational specialist providing human centric programmes across multiple business functions. In more recent times he has concentrated on designing practical approaches to the employee lifecycle which create the climate for profitability and security.



rewards & Benefits: what does the employee want in 2022?

We then move on to discussing rewards & benefits and what part they will play in 2022. With people leaders from 4 high street brands, we will get into the detail of what hospitality really can offer to entice and retain team in 2022 & look at some legacy forms of reward that we shouldn’t ignore and bring back to the table.


a year in the making

Finally ” a year in the making ” covers a story of fighting, building, serving, and growing a new business and listening to the lessons that will serve us all well in 2022 as we talk to Tim Foster from Yummy Pubs & Joe Calvey director of letterbox cocktails.

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Chris & Kieron made EXP101 for real people who work in the hospitality industry.

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