Knowledge Not Noise EP:3 “Enhance Your Team’s Experience”

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HGEM’s mission is to empower hospitality, and we firmly believe experience is at the heart of hospitality, which is why HGEM’s solutions, such as guest feedback sites and mystery guest audits, all focus on measuring and enhancing guest experience.

As the industry has become extremely competitive over the years, operators are increasingly drawn to solutions that help take the guesswork out of customer satisfaction and having comprehensive data that can be analysed is paramount to operational success. Based on our findings, operators that engage in improving guest experience through the Hub – HGEM’s guest experience management platform – see a 5-10% increase in guest satisfaction scores and a boost in NPS between 3 and 8 points within the first year.

We also have found that operators who involve their teams in the process, see better results. It can be incredibly empowering for teams to see the changes they make within the business to yield tangible results, which puts them in the right mindset to do even better!

In this episode, Kieron Bailey from Experience 101 talks about how we enhance our team’s experience at work, because, as we all know, if your team is not enjoying themselves, it’s optimistic to think your customers will!


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Key Learnings

Table of Contents

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What motivates your team.

If you are assuming you know what motivates every person in your team, there is a good chance you are getting it wrong for a good number of them, you need to talk to them to find out what motivates them.

Knowing the difference between extrinsically and intrinsically motivated people.

Intrinsic motivation often comes from an emotional place, from feelings that connect directly with your values and what is absolutely important to you as a person, more often because you enjoy it. Extrinsic motivations can be financial such as bonuses or career enhancement, more often extrinsically motivated people are focused on the outcome rather than the satisfaction of doing something because it feels good.

What are the challenges of pitching incentives to your team?

If you don’t know your team’s motivators, how can you pitch it effectively to ensure they engage with it? The answer is you can’t, so understanding, if your team members are extrinsically or intrinsically motivated, is vital, if you pitch an extrinsic motivation, such as a cash bonus to an intrinsically motivated person, they will be unlikely to really engage because for them it will feel mercenary. If you pitch a warm fuzzy feeling reward to an extrinsically motivated person, it is likely they will you are taking advantage of them, thus risking a disconnect.

Understanding the three basic needs of a team.

Daniel Pink talked about the basic needs being Autonomy, Relatedness, and Competence. Your team needs to feel like it belongs, in hospitality we often talk about a sense of family and that is one of the key reasons people stay, often without knowing it, we feel like we belong to something bigger than us. They need to feel competent in their role, that’s why training your team is so important to their sense of happiness, if we are not being developed, we feel stagnant. Finally autonomy, we all like to feel like we have a choice, freedom to do what is right for us, without that we can feel frustrated which is why we discussed pushing authority to information in episode one, giving your team authority to make decisions is a powerful step to the sense of autonomy.

Creating raving fans, within your team.

Chris talked about creating raving fans with your customers but for me, that journey begins with your team! If they are not telling everyone they meet how proud they are to work for your brand to everyone they meet, you have an issue, one that needs addressing, on the fly!

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