Knowledge Not Noise EP:2 Enhancing The Experience

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HGEM’s mission is to empower hospitality, and we firmly believe experience is at the heart of hospitality, which is why HGEM’s solutions, such as guest feedback sites and mystery guest audits, all focus on measuring and enhancing guest experience.

As the industry has become extremely competitive over the years, operators are increasingly drawn to solutions that help take the guesswork out of customer satisfaction and having comprehensive data that can be analysed is paramount to operational success. Based on our findings, operators that engage in improving guest experience through the Hub – HGEM’s guest experience management platform – see a 5-10% increase in guest satisfaction scores and a boost in NPS between 3 and 8 points within the first year.

We also have found that operators who involve their teams in the process, see better results. It can be incredibly empowering for teams to see the changes they make within the business to yield tangible results, which puts them in the right mindset to do even better!

In this episode, Chris Fletcher from Exp101 tackles guest experience and not just how to deliver but to enhance your guest’s experience.


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Key Learnings

Table of Contents

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Always ensure that every touchpoint is making part of your guest experience

It’s not just the food or service that will win or lose guests, there are so many parts of the customer journey that can be impacted by you dropping the ball. Map out your customer journey from the moment they spot you on Instagram all the way through to leaving you, paying the bill, and receiving an invite to return.

Understand the value of your guest experience

Value isn’t just driven by price, it is driven by the perceived value of their entire experience. Did they feel that their whole experience was worth the money they paid, was the server delivering, was the welcome on point, were the toilets clean …all of these points add to the perceived value of a visit. Are you measuring them?

No one will return for just a transaction

People want to store great experiences in their minds and on social media so ensure that you are that place that makes them feel special. Chris calls it mental shelf space, the place in our brains that stores memories that make us happy, a smell, a noise, or a picture can trigger that memory and want us to return.


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