EP.15| Founder of The Wave


This week on the AFD Chris meets Nick Hounsfield, founder of The Wave in Bristol.

A background steeped in surfing, sport, healthcare, policy and strategy development, and social impact.

Voted one of the UK’s most disruptive entrepreneurs. Nick is also director of Surfing England and a director of British Surfing (leading the British Surfing Team through Olympic qualification.

Nick has spent the last 10 years of his life building The Wave concept after stumbling across a video on youtube demonstrating wave creation technology, after 200 investor meetings and false starts Nick managed to raise the money needed to turn his dream into a reality.

As with most startups, the costs originally quoted soon trebled, and Nick was faced with an entirely different challenge.

Then out of the blue, Nick was struck down by a stroke that took away his ability to communicate & spent the next 6 months cleaning the wave pool whilst in lockdown to keep himself engaged. Being in the water helped speed Nicks’s recovery and he is now championing Blue Health as a prescribed treatment for people rather than reaching for the medicine cabinet.

After an inspiring connection with Gary V & also with Chris Hinds Nick made a promise to himself to remember the people that made the journey possible and have supported him along the way.

Coronavirus stole the Wave’s first summer season & presented more challenges for Nick and his team as they grappled with a huge investment & also their plans for the future rollout.

However, Nick and his team are back in the water as they plan for their second site in London.

If you have an interest in startups, surfing, leisure, mental health & just being inspired then tune in!



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