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Sharing experiences is invaluable. It gives us real-life examples of day to day running and building of a business. You can access great stories from those working in the industry here.

Marketing & Design

It doesn’t matter how good our product is if we can’t get it out there to the world. We work alongside the people who are experts in marketing and design within the hospitality industry.


We all need great leaders and the way we lead a team is unique to each and every person. Learn, evolve and explore the type of leader you can be.


Rotas, budgets, stock, margins, customer service, staff retention, maintaining equipment… All of these things require strategy and is something that we can help and support you with.

Say What?

“What a great day today! I don’t often feel inspired to write about my day but today was different. I attended EXP101 and was genuinely blown away by some incredible and also very relevant speakers. Very relaxed and informal too. We heard from TiPJAR, Deliverect, Wagestream, Tahola to name a few. Congratulations to Chris Fletcher and Kieron Bailey whose vision it was.“
Frank Bandura headshot
Frank Bandura
CFO Gusto

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Two people run EXP101 but that doesn’t mean we limit our potential capacity to deliver inspiring content & kick-ass events. We love collaborating with the industry’s finest, whether you are a new product coming to market, a problem-solving piece of Technology or you just have a story you want to tell… we can help.