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This is a people focused event to ensure that we challenge the present thinking and work even harder to retain our brilliant people.

Exp101 & Montgomery Group Announce partnership

We are delighted to announce our Vision stage takeover in partnership with Sam Chance & the rest of the team at Hotel, Restaurant & Catering next year March 21-23. Exp101 was created so we could reflect through our events the energy, passion, and commitment of all of the people who work in the hospitality industry and our mission is to share that with as many people as possible. We have been working with Sam Chance and his team on the HRC connects portal and are thrilled to be able to work in person, LIVE at The Excel next year.

Managing Wellness in the workplace

The team behind EXP101 is excited to curate this event on wellness, forget new year new you, and focus on your favourite version of yourself, this event is designed to help you do that. We are really happy to bring some of the leading minds in the wellness space together to share actionable ideas and strategies with you and your teams.


Join us for Rooms101, Our speakers address guest experience across all touch points, Sense of Arrival, People, Property, Digital, Accessibility & Lifestyle.

A view to 2022: Hospitality Moving Forward

Join us for a conversation all-around 2022. From storytelling to Diversity in the workplace, we've got you covered!

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