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Phil Street turns the tables on Chris & Kieron to talk all things EXP101.

Phil Street of Hospitality Meets Podcast takes the reigns on this, the 2 year anniversary of EXP101's inception to talk with Chris & Kieron about the ride and the lessons learned along the way.

Alex Reilley Co-Founder Lounges and Cosy Club

Chris and Kieron will be in discussion with Alex Reilley, Co-founder of The Lounges and Cosy Club. We'll go through the journey of building those brands, the co-founder relationship and what the future holds for these two amazing brands that have become a staple of the high street.

Katy Moses - Founder of KAM Media

Chris and Kieron will be in discussion with Katy Moses about her journey as a founder building KAM Media, who are the go-to source for data in hospitality and retail. We will discuss the future of the high street and what comes next for KAM Media.

Jane Dowler - Founder Evuna Restaurants

Chis and Kieron will be in conversation with Jane about her life and journey as a founder and leader. Jane is founder of Evuna restaurants in Manchester that she continues to operate after 18 years and The Yoga Lounge which she grew and then sold. We will cover the lessons she learned along the way, from building a brand and maintaining a strong culture that pays tribute to the beauty of Spain.

Carolyn Hobdey - Author Live in The Green Room

Chis and Kieron will be in conversation with Carolyn, we will talk through her story, her amazing debut book, entitled "All The Twats I Met Along The Way". It is a candid but funny book about Carolyn's experiences along her journey that helped her to redefine self-care. We will touch on the challenges when it comes to making changes in our lives and how to overcome the barriers to our own success.

Alison Wong Live Green Room Special

Alison Wong from Whitedoe finance joins us for a live Q&A on RIshi Sunaks latest budget & what it means to hospitality. Chris and Kieron will be in discussion with Alison about the 2021 budget. We will cover the following areas; • Key items that impact hospitality • What does it mean to businesses? • Anything different you should do now? Alison is a rockstar FD from Whitedoe, she has a vision for bringing forensic financial support to emerging operators and we are really happy to have her join us sharing her insight

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