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Annica Wainwright - Co-founder 2Forks, talking copywriting & menu engineering.

Chris and Kieron talk with Annica about her passion for hospitality and how great copy and innovative menu engineering can help deliver success for your business. No doubt we will get on to traditional Scandinavian Easter eggs and a mutual love of big loud guitars!

HGEM & EXP101 Launch "Knowledge Not Noise" series.

Chris and Kieron talk with Steven Pike, Co-founder of HGEM & Keit Vende the head of marketing about why we created the "Knowledge Not Noise" series and how it can help operators. ⁠ ⁠

Ealana Jean Boyle MD of Crofters Arran

Chris and Kieron will be chatting with Ealána Jean Boyle about the innovations that Crofters has been able to put into place to grow their business in the beautiful surroundings of Arran. We will talk about building a great team, culture, sustainability, and island life and we can't wait!

JP Then - Founder of Slerp

Chris and Kieron will be in discussion with JP Then who is the founder of Slerp, one of the most innovative hospitality e-commerce platforms out there and Co-Founder of Crosstown, who if you haven't tried their donuts and coffee, you should!

Simon Bourne "The Shoe Guy" joins us to talk about shoes, experience, and much more.

Chris and Kieron will be talking shoes, customer experience, and more with Simon Bourne the founder of Kieron's go-to shoemaker (yep, he knows how that sounds but just doesn't care!) Simon has made 3 of Kieron's favourite pairs of shoes ever. The shoes he wore the first time he spoke on a stage, the shoes that garner him many stares in the street, and the shoes he gave his mum's eulogy in. You see the thing we have always loved about Simon's business is that he doesn't deal in shoes, he deals in memories and emotion. Creating a brand that enables any of us to express ourselves, as boldly or as subtly as we could wish, Simon enables that, and he does it with care, attention, and passion in a way that lots of brands could learn from. This is going to be amazing, he will share his story, the lessons learned along the way, and what the future holds for Hand Dyed Shoe Co.

The Marugame Udon team is joining us to talk about all things Udon, recruitment, and the future.

The Marugame Team will be live with Chris and Kieron to talk all things Udon. We will share news of our recruitment plans this month and exactly why you will want to join our lively kitchens. From the operations team to the exec board, we will hear all about the most exciting brand to hit the streets of our capital this year, from freshly made Udon that provides nourishment for us all to the big picture plans to ensure we are always doing the right thing. We are really excited to bring our amazing brand to the UK and can't wait to share our passion and commitment to Udon with you. Everyone Cooks - Everyone Serves - Everyone Cares

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