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At EXP101 we share stories & solve problems. We provide services that enhance the experience of your team & your customer.

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A new industry, a new voice.

We created EXP101 as we felt that an emerging new industry required a new voice. Every time you interact with your team or your customer the experience needs to be perfect. We can help deliver those perfect moments. Through our guest experience training, team engagement workshops , service progamme design, customer recovery workshops we can support your guest & team expereince from start to finish.

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Chris Fletcher

My family was in hospitality before I could walk, they ran hotels and I spent my early years in wonder of chefs & servers having fun and making people happy! Why wouldn’t I follow in their footsteps?

I spent the next 20 years working in and around operations across different sectors such as casual dining, fitness, contract catering & pubs.

I have held senior operation positions in both global brands & challenger brands. I have been able to add influence and impact where ever I have been. Hugely experienced in strategic roll-outs having opened over 50 sites and also designed and implemented a new site operational planning process.

Skilled in moving numbers in the right direction by influencing those around me rather than forcing the issue and causing bottlenecks to slow down growth & impact profit. People will always surprise you.

From Kp to holding executive board positions I have led some fantastic teams and been influenced by some legendary leaders. Now I want to help others share their stories and support the industry that has been so good to me.

Kieron Bailey

I love hospitality, that’s always my starting point.

I proudly work across sectors sharing the skills that life as an operator taught me, through venues, bars, coffee shops, restaurants, and food halls I evolved & will help your business & team do the same.

I believe that guest experience is a transferable skill, irrelevant of industry or the customers you have, we all want to ensure they have the best experience possible because you are on the front line only because you care about others happiness as much as you do your own, the 2 things are inextricably linked.

So I facilitate learning across the industry, whether that be face to face in small groups, on a stage in an auditorium speaking to your entire business, or indeed in this online world through webinars, the objective is always the same, to ensure that as you have lent me your time, I will add value to your mind.

The key to the success of any business is an engaged team, sharing ivory tower strategies & believing that they will be successful is NOT.

Kieron Bailey

Say What?

“Exp101 have been fantastic, bringing gravitas & humour to bring out the very best of insight from those you talk to, THANK YOU. Looking forward to keeping on growing this resource to reach as many people as possible”
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Kathy Dyball

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